What we do

Tailor made

Great events


We support the customer in the conception of his great event. We are on board from the early stages in which the project idea is put on paper to the one in which the actual eventual project is structured. We are at the customer’s side with suggestions, proposals and technical-operational advice.


We support the customer in all phases of the planning and development of the event. We are on board from the conception and realization of the fittings to the taking charge of relationships with partners and sponsors, to the inspections at the chosen location.


We support the customer in the stages of realization of the event. The organizing secretariat is in fact present in the location (even in the previous days) and proceeds to coordinate all the activities during the event and is a total and constant support of the customer for any need.

Obiettivi e risultati

Project Management

The project

We analyze, design, plan and implement the objectives of a project. We supervise the conception, the putting on paper and the physical and digital construction so as to always keep an eye on all the steps until the goal is reached.


We prepare, analyze and / or report the budget, so as to make it useful for the realization of the project and at the same time sustainable based on the client’s financial analysis. Which will always find total and precise correspondence between the budget items and the objectives achieved.

Development phases

We operate as Project Manager and coordinate project activities in compliance with specific constraints. Not only economic and budget, but also and above all feasibility and timing. For a project, in fact, the future and the delivery on time are determining factors.

Media e Social


Traditional Media

We build communication campaigns on traditional media aimed at communicating the client’s image on traditional channels. Radio, TV, print media. Project or long-term consultancy to foster and build relationships with traditional media and stakeholders in the information field.

Social Media

We carry out social media campaigns aimed at growing brand awareness, social positioning and enhancing the social engagement of companies, products, brands and events. This activity is accompanied by that of Digital Creativity, Ghost Writing, Content managing, Copywriting.

Website Building

We build websites according to the client’s requests and needs. Responsive, fast and fully integrated into all communication strategies via social media and / or email marketing. Blogs, showcase sites and ecommerce are just some of the products made for our customers.