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Auditorium del Massimo

Since 2015, we have been managing the Auditorium del Massimo in Global Service, a prestigious location for events in the heart of EUR in Rome.


Location for events in the EUR district of Rome, easily reachable from any point of the city thanks to its proximity to the main transport networks. In a total area of ​​3,000 square meters, it has spacious conference rooms, meeting rooms, workshop rooms, exhibition areas and a large parking lot. The offer is completed with functional control rooms, simultaneous translation booths, dressing rooms, exhibition spaces, offices and press rooms.

In house it is possible to enjoy a variety of services: from wireless coverage both inside and outside the location, to fiber 200/200, to the videoconferencing service with the possibility of interaction between remote users up to the organizational secretariat, the creative studio , at the reception, interpreting and porterage service and at the communication office.

Thanks to the know-how of the Think UP staff in the world of the event industry, the Auditorium del Massimo is transformed into the perfect setting to crown any type of event. In fact, in addition to the spaces, customers can take advantage of complete consultancy in the design and implementation of an event, passing through all the phases that make it up.


Sala Massimo

Sala Pedro Arrupe

Sala Michele Ruggieri

Sala Francesco Saverio

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